Passionate mum and wifey

Passionate mum and wifey


As a first time mum, my main concern is raising my child the best way I can. As I've mentioned in my earlier post, I often worry whether my parenting skills are good enough to make sure my bubba grows gracefully but I have come to realize that maternal instincts often come natural and that its better to spend your time cherishing your child's childhood than worrying too much. After all my bubba has learnt so much already in the past two years of her life so I must be doing something right. She has learnt nursery songs such as 'The Alphabet Song', 'Twinkle little star' etc ; bubba has also learnt to count and recognize numbers and letters; she is also already potty trained, she's learnt shapes, colours and many more. My little bubba continues to amaze me everyday!

She has an intuitive mind, loves fairy tale stories, princesses, songs, cuddless and so on. My maternal instincts always kicks in when needed, I'd know when bubba would want to nap even without a watch in my hand, I'd know when she'd want to eat and I'd know when she's tired. Although, there are times when I have to convince bubba to want certain things such as eating vegetables and fruits. Hence, my maternal instincts have also taught me to not always give bubba what she wants because what she want may not be that good for her. When bubba was born I didn't think that time would fly by soo fast, it's as if I've blinked and here she is 2 years old and about to turn 3 towards the end of this year. Sometimes I still see her as a little baby, crawling towards me for a cuddle and as much as I'd want my child to grow beautifully--still a part of me wants her to remain a baby.

Bubba has Instagram!

I have finally created bubba  an Instagram account, featuring all her cute little OOTDs-- what she wore, her dresses, shoes and where these pretty little outfits where purchased from.

Bubba's early months and first year, she wore mostly onesies.

Fisher Price Rainforest Jumperoo is the best bouncer ever!

I have been looking through bubba's old photos and was looking for ideas on my next post. I have thought of some interesting personal subjects--However, I have decided to blog about something more informative and helpful to mums, who may be looking for bouncers ideal for their babies. Hence, I have decided to write this post containing my detailed review on Fisher Price Rainforest-- hopefully this post will help mums decide whether this bouncer is the right one for their baby.

First of all, here is my story as to how me and my husby came into deciding whether this bouncer is the right one for our daughter. As you can see by the title of this post you already probably have guessed that I am a big fan of this bouncer and I am sure that a lot of mums out there will probably agree with me that this may just be one of the best bouncers ever invented. Yes there are many bouncers out there, different prices, colours, different structures and different dangling toys to keep baby busy. However, out of the many bouncers that my daughter have tried and sat on-- this one was the bouncer that gave my bubba the biggest smile and giggles, she absolutely loved it and was in tears when we took her out of the Jumperoo. At the start, we were reluctant spending this much money on a bouncer but in the end we just couldn't resist not purchasing it--- seeing how bubba loved it soo much. 

Bubba's first year in this world

Since I wasn't able to blog the first year of my daughter's life, I've decided to make this blog featuring some of her cute baby photos. I literally had thousand of it! Anyhow, here it is, bubba's few months old to 1 yr old photos! It was almost an obsession taking photos of her wearing cute outfits..

her giggles..